My Viserion

Anyone who knows "Game of Thrones"  knows Viserion. He is the little brother of Drogon. Unfortunately he dies but the ice king brings him back to life .... now he is more dangerous than ever and has the amazing, bright blue eyes ....

I'll show you how to make Viserion from papermache. Every Thursday I try to show how far I am.

There is the beautiful blue glass eye. Later it will also be able to light up (by an LED light).

Then I have already prepared an infinite number of polymer clay teeth. From Papermache made several big "eggs" ... for the mouth, the neck and so that you can model it later.

I have already selected the right wood for the trophy sign, it is still a bit too clean and bright ... I will just paint it with acrylic paint ....

Here very briefly explained: the sign with a hole, so that one gets better at the eyes later. Through the many small holes to thread through wire and so the neck is attached.

There is already a suspension on the back. The on-off switch for the illumination of the eyes is already attached and the cable already laid ....

Here I have the neck attached to the wires on the board. Hiding or reinforcing the wire with masking tape.

Always paint the upper and lower jaws, later it will be too difficult. I wanted a real blood red with a light blue in it, Viserion is actually now an ice dragon ...

Everything is put into position with hot glue and masking tape.

At the moment I'm just putting the many scales out of cloth-mache on the bottom of my neck.

In addition, I have many small horns from papermacheclay already on my neck.

In my German-speaking blog you can look at the individual steps even more closely. I've started Drogon almost the same way ...

Bye bye next week! I'm glad if you look back. I'm curious how far I am then!

April 12, 2018

Hello! Nice that you're back!

At the bottom of the neck Viserion is ready. Now he slowly gets a face ...

Somehow he had a "curve" on his neck and it was a bit difficult with the scales - but I like it!

So! Now form the horns!

First form the basic structure with wire and aluminum foil. Then gently cover with papermacheclay. 

This time I was very smart ...I scratched some structure into the still wet clay with another wire.

Unfortunately, the big horns were too heavy to stand alone in the wooden block - I had to support them ... now they have (as you can see on the last picture) an ugly brand ...

But with a little clay you can touch up something like that.

I would like to do that today.

I'm just shaping his face. Draw with help lines how the horns should sit later, where the eyes should be.

But I do not quite like it yet. I think his nose is getting too fat ...

The great thing about Pappmache is that you can always cut something away with a good knife and make a new shape with cardboard / paper and masking tape.

- until you are satisfied!!

Who recognizes it?

Have mixed new clay, in the fridge it stays fresh best.

So it should be well secured from hungry family members ...

Now I will repair the horns, rejuvenate the nose - that's sooooo much fun!

Have fun with your creativity, see you next Thursday !!


April 19, 2018

Viserion, ginas-pappmache.de, Dragon, Dragontrophy, art, papermache,

Looks so far not bad.

I've got his horns in position.

I narrowed his nose.

Now "only" to equip him completely with scales from Papermacheclay and form even smaller horns.

His back comb stands like no one and is cut in shape.

Here he looks like a hedgehog! These are just spikes of wire that I wrapped with masking tape. If you are satisfied with your position, then you can glue cotton cloth. If everything is dry you can use a nail scissors or a scalpel to cut the shape.

Did you notice? I have removed the eyebrows because the horns still need space ....

The big ones I stuck with hot glue and laminated with Papermacheclay the edges - but it was a bad idea! Unfortunately, a horn fell aside overnight ... I do not know...it was too heavy, too badly glued ....??

Thus, I have each cut a hole in Viserions head so that the horns with hot glue and clay have a better grip. Well ... who wants to be beautiful must feel ...(is a German proverb)

Scales, scales, scales .... the first two pictures show the work of less than an hour ...

In the last picture you can see how the clay gets lighter when it has dried.

Wish a nice creative week!

Make art!!

April 26, 2018

Scales, scales and more scales ... then small horns, sometimes slightly larger horns ....

I'm just finishing his right cheek - but right now my clay has gone empty !!!

LEDs must be soldered to the cable at the eyes.

Once I'm done with the cheek, it's really exciting ...

Then I can finally finish the face !! The best I have this time finally lifted.

Do not be angry with me ... but I can not say more ...

and now I want to continue working, especially the face and the eyes are so important and expressive!


May 3, 2018

I tried a new kind of clay. Unfortunately, it dries uneven and brittle (as you can see in the picture on the right). I am very dissatisfied. Have to think about how I reworked the horns now, so I like them.

The LED bulbs are soldered and in position. So that Viserion can shine later with his beautiful ice-blue eyes.

On the muzzle I have made many mini scales. Now many horns come along the edge up to over the eyes. Hope the clay dry here decent! If it gets ugly and fragile here too - I think I have to cry ...

Viserion, ginas-pappmache.de, Dragon, Dragontrophy, art, papermache,

See you next Thursday! If everything dries well, I can paint soon !!

I'm looking forward to it!



May 9, 2018

Write today ... tomorrow is holiday with us and unfortunately I do not have so much time - tomorrow is family day!!

Viserion, ginas-pappmache.de, Dragon, Dragontrophy, art, papermache,

So far I'm done! Viserion just has to dry and then I can paint it.

My acrylic spray is already ready. Use "tar black" as a primer, as with Drogon.

I'm looking forward to painting like a little kid!




But he already looks great, right?

Here are some detail pictures.

You can see two horns that are darker. These are made of a different kind of clay. I am currently testing.

There is nothing more to write about. Have only attached many scales and horns made of clay.

Am looking forward to next week. If I can then present the finished Viserion to you !!!

I hope you like him.

See you!!

May 17, 2018

I think the pictures speak for themselves.

First, I primed Viserion with an acrylic spray black. But it was faster empty than I thought (had used it already at Drogon).

Then I painted it several times with a very watery blue and wiped the excess with a cloth again.

I also used iridescent paint and shiny acrylic paint. Viserion should be wet and cold.

Now I need time and good weather for a photo shoot. Then I can make brilliant pictures.

Depending on how the light shines on him, he is more black or more blue.

How do you like him?

May 23., 2018

Here are some detail pictures.

The pictures at dusk I find the most beautiful. His eyes are so breathtaking!

I hope you like it as much as I do.

Now I can concentrate on my next project .... let yourself be surprised! It will be something completely different this time .....

Bye! Tschüss! See you! Make art!!

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