The hyena

Hyenas I find are strange but fascinating animals. I like the laugh of the hyenas and their wild hairstyle.

Here I show you how my hyena was born, her name is Gwendolin.

Of course, with bright eyes. Her mouth wide open, the hyenas have a strong, scary teeth.

So, let's start ...

Looked like the teeth of a real hyena look like. This I have made from "glowinthedark" polymer clay.

Also, you need different balls of newspaper and flour soup. That's how you shape your head ....

A tongue must not be missing. Stick the teeth to the jaws with hot glue. Always paint your jaw and tongue first, because later on you will not be able to get enough ...

The trophy sign I make out of natural wood, even with bark off (but this unfortunately falls off with the time partially ..).

Make a hole in the middle for later electricity. The switch is hidden in the wood.

A suspension is already mounted. Now to taste you can paint the sign.

Here you can see how I slowly build my head. The jaw is still supported by two cotton swabs.

In one picture I discovered a hyena with a broken ear. Gwendolin my camper has a war injury on her ear.

Then I had a big problem ... I had specially made me beautiful dark brown eyes for the hyena - but they were too dark and the light of the LED did not shine through !! Pity!! Unfortunately, I had to change my mind - Gwendolin gets red eyes.

I think the pictures speak for themselves. You see, I made folds with Cloth mache. In the still moist papermache clay I scratch small hair, which hopefully looks like fur.

Finally time to paint !!!

For painting, I always need at least two to three days. I paint several layers and always wait as the colors develop and I like it ....

Hope you like Gwendolin. She is a strong fighter and gives everything for her family and friends.


Unfortunately the pictures did not turn out so brilliant, had to take pictures with the mobile phone. My computer and my camera suddenly do not want to know each other anymore ......?!? (Argument?)

Do you have any questions? Do you want Gwendolin to fight for you? Let a Komentar there, I am so happy!

Bye and greetings


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