A mysterious animal ... a Wolpertinger

So, I still have antlers and still have papermacheclay left .... so the idea arose I make a Wolpertinger! I've done one before - let's see how it will ...

Of course I have other projects in mind but I would like to use other materials .... let yourself be surprised

First form the head of paper and fix it with paper tape.

With flour flour and newspaper a few layers around it and let it dry well.

That's a mess ....

but nice!

It is best to mix the flour with warm water - this is more pleasant than with cold water.

This time I thought, I do not saw the horns from the skull but I process the entire skull with horns .... (Saw horns is extremely exhausting, I can tell you!).

I had teeth left over. I always do a portion of teeth, horns, etc in all projects, as you need and save them in a bag .... tataa This time it was worth it! The teeth are made of noctilucent polymer clay - when it gets dark, they glow scary ......

Now it's going to be brutal ... cutting the head! The newspaper core can be picked up for another project .... (think of the environment and recycle as much as possible).

With an Edding, I paint around the contour of the face.

Tighten the teeth with hot glue. The horns and ears tinker and fix everything well with masking tape.

Now I need my husband ... because I want to fix the LED's for the eyes, the cable and the switch already now. I can not solder - with so very small things just my eyesight fails ....

Later it is often a difficult * Friemelei * to come to. Well, you never learn.

When this is done - I can fix my head on the board and it's about working out the facial contour ....

Until next week!! Let's see how far I am then ...

November 11, 2018

How far am I with my Wolpertinger? Unfortunately, not as far as I would like to be .... first was Halloween (I love Halloween) and now I had training and unfortunately could not continue working on my Wolpertinger ...

I have his neck fixed on the trophy shield and already started to make his face / facial expression with papermacheclay.

Cable and switch are already mounted on the trophy shield.

As soon as the lower jaw has dried, I try to fix my head with my lower jaw on my neck. Then hopefully the LED's finally come in the eye .....

In any case, I have something exciting ..... I have created a logo and let me make a "branding irons"  with it! Is not that cool? Then I can brand my trophy tags !! I'm sooo excited and am so happy. Please, please it must be something !!!

Contact me as far as I am going to ... bye!

November 15, 2018

The head is tied to the trophy shield. The Wolpertinger now has red eyes that can shine.

With papermacheclay I would like to stabilize his ears. And what I do not like .... the Wolpertinger looks too friendly! I want to make him grim, angry!!

Crap! This can not be! He almost laughs!

I urgently need to do something with papermacheclay on his facial expressions - he should look grim and angry!

Earlier I had the idea he could still get a goatee, what do you think?

This time I did not tap the trophy shield .... but I should do it before I paint it ...

Until next week, will work on his facial expressions .....

(that can not be true ... he grins!)

December 05, 2018

Am a little unsure .... am painting and painting and painting ..... wanted to have the Wolpertinger dark.

I have previously made one and had the color gray/whitish.

Thus I painted the current brown. But my brown color that I own was too reddish and he did not like me at all. I can not say how horrible I found this color on him ... like diarrhea .... bäh....

Then I mixed several colors until I had an acceptable brown color. Did not find it bad, not finished - but ok. Now my husband thinks he finds it too dark, rabbits are not brown but white?!? Whaaaat ?? Well, no matter, there are brown rabbits!

Now I'm getting the Wolpertinger brighter again .....

So I'm still painting, painting, painting .....

Here I just want to show the "blackwashing".

I take black paint, dilute it with water and brush it like crazy on the head, let it dry a little ....

then wipe off the excess with a cloth.

So in the folds (for example) the black remains and I think the head looks more real, more lively.

Have worked on his eyebrows something ..... now looks much more aggressive. He also got a few wrinkles on his nose and cheeks, so he looks really gritted and irritated.

At his antlers stuck some papermacheclay (the white), but do not worry that I wash off at the end!

Now are especially great, the wrinkles in the ears highlighted in black, I like it ...

Since my husband has made me a little unsure, I try to lighten the rabbit again something. I really like the brown, but I also like white spots on the nose, forehead and chest.

All I have to do now is beautify with a very thin brush, the transitions from white to brown with small lines, such as hairs.

So this painting will be delayed a little until I am completely satisfied ....

See you soon, hopefully ready!

I already have my next project in my head .... I want to make a very big dragon, which should stand on the canopy of the front door !!!

His horns and spikes are made of Resin, best noctilucent, or I make a string of lights with pure .... of course, the dragon can not be made of papermache must be weatherproof.

Am still eager to research what I could best use there ....

December 13, 2018

Finally finished. I did not do much anymore. I like him the way he is.

I tried to paint small hairs, but my brushes are apparently too thick and I did not really like it.

I finished the trophy sign and oiled. His teeth and eyes are freed from color. Now he is done. Of course in the dark when his eyes light up I like him best. I thinks he has something mischievously...

I wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! With many ideas and new creativity!

I'm in the middle of baking and making small gifts for relatives and friends.

See you!!

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