Dragons and more

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With my dragons and sculptures I open the doors to other worlds! Let yourself be fascinated by unique mythical creatures.....

I make beautiful trophies of dragons, unicorns and other creatures from papermache.

Each sculpture is handmade by me and a unique piece. No two dragons are alike, and there are still some crazy ideas in my head for other extraordinary beings.

Papermache, Pappmaché, Papiermache?

It is not a traditional papermache with which everyone has tinkered in the kindergarten. I combine different techniques, different materials and let my imagination run wild. In addition still loud music and we can start.... 

Are secrets revealed?

You are welcome to look over my shoulder and I will show you some insights about my work in my blog. 

Also I am not perfect and try (and learn) again and again new things.


Have you ever caught a dragon?     No?

Whaaaaat? You have never seen one? Really?


Do you want?

Then take a look at my Dragon-Trophies!!!

Mystical Creatures

You can find other fantastic creatures here.

Such as unicorns, monster fish and other interesting creatures from papermache.

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The Making of

Check out my blog. Since you see what I am currently doing.

How do I make a dragon ....? Look over my shoulder and I'll show step by step how my creatures are created.

Feel free to leave a comment on my blog, I'm glad!!!


Look like also my German-speaking blog - one can also learn from pictures, right?


Just make a Wolpertinger ... have a look!