Here I show you my entire dragon. The dragons are listed chronologically, down come the "older" models ....

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All the fans of "Games of Thrones", know him.

Drogon is the biggest, of the three dragons of Daenerys Targaryen.

Drogon, papermache, papiermache, Drachenkopf, Drachentrophäe, handmade, ginas-pappmache.de, Skulptur, Schuppen, feuerrote Augen

without words, I just think it's beautiful

his eyes can glow at night, dangerous, fire-red

Drogon, ginas-pappmache.de, papermache, Drachenkopf, Dragon, Drachentrophäe

Drogon, a strong, loyal dragon.

Made with a lot of loooooove. He has great glass eyes with LEDs behind it. Teeth made of polymer clay, scales made of cotton fabric and scales of self-made "papermacheclay". Also the horns are from the clay.

Not to be underestimated its size: about 45x53x55cm (wxhxd)

Look in my German blog, I show how Drogon was created and of course more pictures!

The pictures show Drogon with shining eyes at the beginning of darkness ....

You can feel its threatening strength ..... right?

Dragon bust made of bronze?

I had the idea to make a dragon bust that looks like it was cast in bronze, preferably with a greenish patina ...

- Mission successfully mastered

Bronzestatue, Drachenbüste, Drachenkopf, handmade, papermache, pappmache, Kunst, Unikat edel
papermache, Pappmache, kunst, Drachenskulptur, Drachenkopf, Drache aus Bronze,

Here are pictures of the origin of color. First the "naked" dragon, you can still see the cloth-mache and the papermacheclay. Then the first layer of metallic copper, followed by more and finally an oxidizing agent on it .... and quite magically created the green patina!

The dragon itself is super light, but the base is incredibly heavy .... so that the dragon was my wishes I had to pour the base of concrete ....

and he is almost a meter high from the ground.

Nobody steals that easy ...


The Ice Dragon

Papermache, Pappmache, weißer Drache, Drachenkopf, Drachentrophäe, Kunst,
papermache, Pappmache, Kunst, weißer Drache, Drachenkopf, Drachentrophäe

Yes !! With the help of my dear husband, I have created a white dragon that lights up the eyes with the push of a button.

My ice dragon has extremely elaborate, edgy and twisted horns made of polymer clay. It was a sweaty work driving one into MADNESS ....

But the work was worth it - he always puts a smile on my face!!

Pappmache, papermache, weißer Drache, Drachenkopf, Drachentrophäe, Kunst

Is not he stunning? Radiant white with a touch of rose, well-groomed teeth, bright eyes. And he is decorated with different scales on the head and neck.



Pappmache, papermache, lila Drache, Drachenkopf, Drachentrophäe, Kunst

My Purple Dragon, or lovingly titled Violetta, was my second trophy. She had tons of dandruff from the cloth, uff, I had a lot to do. Since I'm still in the experimental phase (and I'll probably always stay there - because it's fun and you always learn new things, see, test ...) she has gotten eyes from a hobbyist from America. Are really beautiful eyes, but unfortunately not completely made of glass and I can not illuminate it properly ...... already have a new idea for the next dragon! haha!!

lila Drache, Pappmache, Drachentrophäe, Kunst, Drachenkopf, papermache

Here you can see her beautiful blue-purple eyes, her shaggy scales on her nose and neck. You hardly believe it, but it has really neat teeth that I make out of polymer clay. She is a true purple dream ....

Not to be underestimated ... from the wall to the tip of the nose it is about 60 cm long, through the huge horns almost 80 cm wide!

My Fire Dragon

The red dragon was my first trophy project. My fire dragon is handmade from paper, flour mash, fabric (cloth-mache), self-made papermacheclay and polymer clay. What brings the trophies to life are the eyes. Therefore I do not shy away from any costs and have purchased real reptile glass eyes from a taxidermist !!! He looks dangerous, but is very loving, a real treasure!

Approximately 65 cm protrudes his nose tip from the wall and its widest point is about 60 cm - so you have an idea.


Hugo was my very first dragon. At him I tried out the first techniques. He looks pretty droll and not a bit dangerous. A pretty dear dragon who likes to welcome everyone.

Pappmache, papermache, kunst, grüner Drache, Drachenfigur, freundlicher Drache, lustiger Drache
Pappmache, papermache, Kunst, grüner Drache, Drachenfigur, lustiger Drache,

Hugo stands here for the photo shoot in the garden, where all the sculptures are NOT waterproof. They are mainly made of paper, this would soak up in the rain and thus destroy everything. I have heard from various artists, they are testing waterproof paper mache .... I'm also considering if I paint Hugo not even with "Bootslack" and just wait and see what happens .... but I have not got it so far ... what if he is ruined? ??! Aaaaaarrgh!