Mythical Creatures

Here I show you other mysterious characters that I create. Although I have to admit that the dragons arouse my true passion. But sometimes it itches in my fingers when a new idea haunts my head. The more mysterious, the scary the more fun it is !!

My little fox

For a new project I need a fox trophy. This should be weatherproof and like a door handle can be attached to a wooden wall.

Here's my little fox - isn't he cute?

Looks brutal - but he does not care! From the back of his head protrudes the threaded suspension.

The fox's head is made of ApoxieSculpt. Now I can test to what extent it is really weatherproof.


Of course, I also dedicated a blog to him. Since you can follow how I made the Fox trophy.



I can not get enough! I am so fascinated by him.

The Octopus Lamp

I've been wanting to make an octopus on a lamp for a long time. Actually on a ceiling lamp ... but that's the way it is now ...

He is quite tall and sneaks up behind the lamp from behind. He circled the lamp with one arm and held on tight. The light (on a vintage style LED lamp) attracts him magically.

He almost made me crazy, because of his millions of suckers .... he also has a beak (like the real ones) .... on my (German) blog I tell a few steps how I made the octopus!

The size I can only approximately specify, he meanders too much ... ca high 70cm, length 88cm and width 50cm.

papermache, papiermache, pappmache, krake, handmade, skulptur, art, lampe unik, octopus,

The Rooster Helmet

Hahn, papermache, papiermache, maske, Hahnenkopf,

It was wanted by me a rooster mask. Well ... I have not yet done masks and a cock as a mask, I personally found not so exciting, because then his great comb is lost ....

Thus I decided then for a hat / rather helmet ....


Hahn, Maske, papermache, papiermache, Hahnenkopf, Kunst

I cut tons of feathers ... until my fingers were almost sore ... Puuuh

But it was worth it, right? Now the cock has a real rocking, wild mane!



The Mandrake

This is my really tame mandrake, very easy-care and frugal. Although she looks very grim and bad mood but who loves her - she loves too.


The white Unicorn

Who does not like fantasy figures? Which girl does not like horses ... especially magical unicorns? Me, yes!!

Here, too, a bit more subtle light up the eyes and the horn blue lilac, the gentle stroking of the neck (there I hid the switch).

The magical unicorn has a beautiful horn made of transparent polymer clay. With its long eyelashes it can wink affectionately and the eyes are real glass eyes for horses, which would use a animal preparer.

Fly Agaric

Fliegenpilz, Papiermache, papermache, pappmache, Kunst, Skulptur

A small fly agaric with a pointed cap.

I love fly agarics and wanted to make one myself.

One underestimates it, but alone pure working time, without waiting, I sat for five hours on the mushroom.

In the foot I poured concrete, so that the mushroom always has a good state.


Fliegenpilz, Papiermache, papermache, pappmache, Kunst, Skulptur

The Frogfish

Probably with the children looked at then too much "Finding Nemo" ...

The frogfish with the pointed teeth and with the lamp... I found fascinating.

Anglerfisch, Monsterfisch, Papiermache, papermache, pappmache, Fischlampe, leuchtender Fisch, Kunst, Skulptur

Again, I have again noctilucent polymer clay for the teeth, and used the knobs along the back.

He lights up his fishing rod for us at the push of a button. His eyes are huge and they are staring at you - and yet he is almost blind.

The "Wolpertinger"

I had an antlers from a deer and I had the desire to make a real "Wolpertinger". He should look scary, with red eyes that can shine too .....

Papiermache, papermache, pappmache, Kunst, Wolpertinger, Hasenkopf mit Geweih, leuchtende rote Augen, Trophäe

Especially his sharp teeth must be considered ..... very dangerous ..... the special highlight ..... the teeth shine at night !!

The teeth are made of noctilucent polymer clay.

The Fishbone

Fischgräte, Geldgeschenk, Papiermache, pappmache, papermache, Kunst, außergewöhnliches Geldgeschenk

Since I was still at the beginning .... we needed a farewell gift for a colleague and it was called "Gina do it" ....

You do not want to hand over the collected money and I knew he liked to fish ...

So I made him a fishbone, which had the money instead of the bones. Funny, is'n it?






Later I made some bones for him...

Given Away