That's me

Hello, my name ist Gina. I come from Germany and live in a city called Karlsruhe. My passion is to make sculptures and trophies of dragons and other creatures  made of papermache. Each of my work is a single handmade piece.

I combine different materials and techniques, but also the imagination is important to create interesting sculptures.

But there is a new passion in me! I love Resin! But still has a lot to learn and try.

I am not a studied artist. I've taught myself everything by experimenting, watching other artists and googling.

I am married to a loving and very patient man (because I think I'm not that easy, I always have new ideas ...), have two children and two cats. Occupationally, I am a geriatric nurse and my mysterious creatures I conjure only in my spare time.


Why do I do that? Very easily:

I've always loved making things and in 2015, I discovered a video on Youtube by Dan Reeder (he is in my eyes the Dragon-Father), which then inspired me to my hobby.

When I'm working, I forget about time and place, it's like meditating - it makes me super-mad-happy!!

In my blog, I occasionally show some insights on how to make a dragon out of a piece of cardboard and newspaper.

If you are interested or you would like to create something like that yourself, have a look and maybe leave me a comment.

If you habe two left hands, of course, you are also welcome - you are very welcome to contact me if you want to buy my art!

Or I can make you a dragon  as you wish...

Should your dragon be purple-pale-blue-checkerd? Have other horns? Only scales? Ask me! I bite just as little as my creatures....

And the best: all unique and handmade!!!

Made with loooooove!!